We are KUBIKx

We are backed by 125+ years of market experience

We are a venture builder supported by the Schmitz Cargobull Group. This gives us the ability to be as agile and innovative as a start-up while being able to access the global network, expertise and 125+ year history of a global market leader of the transport industry.

Our mission and vision

We ideate, challenge and grow digital business models within the transport and logistics industry to create valuable companies with disrupting ideas.

What we do

With access to industry insights and a wide network of industry partners, we create cutting-edge products and  ventures from emerging opportunities within logistics.

Building ventures from emerging opportunities

We increase the odds of success by using an innovation funnel. Eliminating ideas not worth supporting leaves valuable ideas to strive for success.

1. Search

Always on the run to discover potential challenges within the logistics market.

2. Discover

We define the problem, identify key users and define the market potential: Is it feasible?

3. Solution

Prototypes and validation, using different design methods. In this step we plan and prepare the venture launch.

5. Scale

The product becomes a venture and reach its financial independency.

4. Venture

First product launch (MVP) to gather insights from inicial users and iterate to improve products fast.

Research Topics

We continuously analyze trends and technologies that impact the transport and logistics industry.

Artificial Intelligence

In algorithms we trust - for a good reason. Artificial Intelligence is estimated to have a potential value impact of 1.2-2 trillion Euros a year in manufacturing and supply chain alone (Source: McKinsey)

Asset Sharing

Shared assets become increasingly important as the demand of more flexibility rises. The “shareconomy” allows for a more efficient, demand-driven utilization of available resources.

Digital Supply Chain

Leaders in the digital supply chain have more than 40% higher operating margins. To enable the Digital Supply Chain means enabling our partners to be faster, more accurate and more efficient. (Souce:CG)


The Internet of Things empowers smart logistics and impacts the transformation of the transport and logistics industry on a huge scale.  

Predictive Analytics

93% of shippers and 98% of third-party logistics firms feel like data-driven decision-making is crucial to supply chain activities. (Source: Council of Supply Chain mAnagement Professionals) 

Do you have research insights in one of these fields? Let’s discuss how we can be partners.


Andreas Schmitz
CEO at Schmitz Cargobull Group
Boris Billich,
CSO at Schmitz Cargobul Group
Christoph Bornschein
Deepa Gautam-Nigge
Head of Next-Gen Innovation Network at SAP
Dr. Detlev Ruland
Member of the Supervisory Board at Schmitz Cargobull Group
Fabian Roberg,
CEO at Coler Systems
Jens Fiege,
CEO at Fiege Logistik

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Our advisors

Andreas Schmitz

CEO, Schmitz Cargobull


Head of Next-Gen Innovation Network, SAP

Jens Fiege

CEO, Fiege Logistik

Dr. Detlev Ruland

Former CIO DHL

Fabian Roberg

Fabian Roberg (GM, Alliance Automotive Group Germany)