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CTO / Co-founder


We are looking for a Co-Founder / CTO who wants to take over a key leadership role in our new venture Dispatchy. Dispatchy's mission is to revolutionize collaboration in the multi-billion euro logistics industry by offering access to state-of-the-art, fast and flexible collaboration tools. Hence we need YOUR digital superpowers. You’ll build a top team around an exciting product, work with cutting edge technologies and have the support of a great network and infrastructure. We have received seed investments from 2 strategic investors from the industry who believe that we will solve a big problem for the market.

Your tasks

  • You assume ownership of the entire technology stack and solutions
  • You drive the next technological evolution of product & infrastructure
  • You make sure that data and automation become the key pillars of our success
  • You are a firestarter and continuously challenge the status-quo
  • You build kick-ass Engineering & Data Teams

Your profile

  • You have 3-5 years of software engineering experience (if you have +10 years of experience, this position is likely not for you)
  • You are able to design and build full-stack
  • You are hands-on with a variety today’s technology choices (JDK or JS based backends, SPAs with React or Angular, SQL and NoSQL)
  • You are experienced in handling larger amounts of data and popular analytics frameworks
  • Basic knowledge of ML, ideally some hands-on experience
  • You have first leadership experience
  • You naturally inspire and motivate people around you
  • You can teach yourself just about anything
  • You want to truly own your work and not just simply make a living
  • You are hungry for success
  • You know that the key to success is great and hard work

Would you like to get in touch with us?

Great! Just drop us an email to with your CV, reference, cover letter and a message or anything you want to share. We are going to get back to you, promise :)

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