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We empower next
generation logistics

We invest into early-stage LogTech startups, focusing on digital supply chain, automation and sustainability.

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WHo we are

Innovation is in our DNA since 1892

We believe that logistics presents an ongoing challenge and has in parallel a huge social responsibility. It means maintaining and improving global supply chain while shaping a better world for the generations to come. As the corporate VC of the Schmitz Cargobull Group, Europe’s leading transport solution provider, we have substantial experience in building innovative business models and a strong network of logistic companies who are hungry for fresh ideas that solve pressing problems. This is why we are an ideal partner when it comes to building and scaling LogTech businesses.

What we Do

Early-stage investments into LogTech

We focus on early-stage investments, from pre-seed to Series A. Although we are a corporate VC, our main focus is the financial return of our investments. Hence, we operate and invest like an institutional VC. Sometimes however, we do strategic investments, if they are in line with the overall corporate product vision. We mainly invest in the following domains:

Cold Chain Solutions

Wir beleuchten unterschiedliche Bereiche der Logistik, spüren Probleme auf  und bewerten ihr Potential.

as a Service

Wir beleuchten unterschiedliche Bereiche der Logistik, spüren Probleme auf  und bewerten ihr Potential.

Transport Solutions for Fleet and Freight


In einem Ideation Workshop entwerfen wir gemeinsam Lösungen und erstellen einen ersten Prototypen.


Wir erstellen einen Business Case, testen die Lösung gemeinsam mit unseren Partnern und validieren das Konzept am Markt.

Automated Driving Solutions

Das Venture wird mit Kapital ausgestattet und beim Aufbau von Strukturen und Team begleitet.

How we work

We invest into Ideas that we can support

As a corporate VC we can offer more than just money. With a long history of deep knowledge and experience in the Transport & Logistics market, we maintain the best relationships with a large number of desirable customers and always evaluate if Schmitz Cargobull could become a customer as well. Next to the capital, we offer access to our large network and technical support if desired.


We invest into early-stage Startups until Series A and offer the option of further capital rounds.

Topline Support

We support your startup by introducing you to relevant decision makers and top-tier business leaders out of our network, including Schmitz Cargobull.

Tech & IT Support

Whenever neccesary we put you in touch with the tech team and product line reps of Schmitz Cargobull or support you in field testing with trailers.

Market Expertise

Since 1892 Schmitz Cargobull has been the go-to-partner for logistic providers. We help you to understand the market and its forces.


KUBIKx is not only an investor for us, but also an important sparring partner with deep market knowledge. We have the feeling we are pulling in the same direction and want to be successful together.

- Luisa, CEO Checkturio

Our Portfolio

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