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We build next generation logistics

Who we are

As the venture builder of the Schmitz Cargobull Group, we unite logistics DNA with entrepreneurship, savy tech skills and a wide network of industry experts to create cutting-edge products and groundbreaking businesses.

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Building ventures from emerging opportunities

How we work

We increase the odds of success by using an innovation funnel. Eliminating ideas not worth supporting leaves valuable ideas to strive for success.

1. Search

Always on the run to discover potential challenges within the logistics market.

2. Discover

We define the problem, identify key users and define the market potential: Is it feasible?

3. Solution

Prototypes and validation, using different design methods. In this step we plan and prepare the venture launch.

5. Scale

The product becomes a venture and reach its financial independency.

4. Venture

First product launch (MVP) to gather insights from inicial users and iterate to improve products fast.

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First platform to rent trucks, trailers and semi-trucks online in Germany

Launched in March 2019

Fleetloop is a platform to easily and flexibly rent transport assets. With a large network of rental partners, Fleetloop offers nationwide pick-up locations and vehicle types ranging from transport vans to semitrailers.

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